About Us


To bring leadership, strength and judgement to secure people and protect brands.


In higher-than-acceptable risk environments, bring professional relationships and discipline to the:

  • Protection of brands by detection, investigation, and enforcement on violators;
  • Securing of people using risk-based planning, journey management, situational awareness and in-country experience;
  • Investigation of commercial fraud through forensic analysis, evidence assembly and resolution support.

Values: Our rules of engagement

  • Professional Relationships – we communicate accurately and concisely with our people, our Clients, our suppliers, and our law enforcement liaisons
  • Mutual Benefit – we find sustainable win-win solutions with all stakeholders
  • Courage & Loyalty – we value the right decision being made, enacted at the right time, whilst remaining true to our Values
  • Professional Discipline – we will always seek and share the knowledge and skills that enable us to execute our duties to the highest of standard
  • Honour & Integrity – we will be true to our Values and to our word, in all matters
  • Leadership – in honouring our Vision, our Mission and our Values, and pursuing with courage our own goals and those of our stakeholders, we lead from the front
  • Responsiveness – we apply situational awareness, skill and experience and react rapidly and professionally to meet the needs of our stakeholders