COVID 19 Medical PPE Sales

In these unprecedented times, Covid-19 virus has forced us to reassess all aspects or our personal and professional lives.

Halliday finch, has turned its investigation skills to China as more and more reports of fraud and sub-standard sales hit the headlines.

See below for a list of related story’s.

This is the perfect storm for criminals; panic buying, bargain hunting and less verification of what is being purchased.

There are literally hundreds of reported cases of:

  1. Sub standard Ie they look the part but fulfil NO medical purpose.
  2. Counterfeit – carrying the logo for example of 3M, but made by counterfeiters. These will also be substandard as well.
  3. Short deliveries. You order 1,000,000 N95 masks and they deliver 700,000.
  4. No right of export – Internationally certified but not certified by the Chinese State. Thus can only be exported illegally.
  5. Counterfeit certification – Stating that the items are Internationally certified (CE or FDA) when in fact they are not.
  6. Simple Fraud – online shop front. Will take deposits and never deliver

NB Do not be lured in by price or easy payment terms. These deals will fit into one of the above categories.

Some facts, the authorised factory’s in China only accept 100% payment in advance; for a Sovereign State client they may relax this.

They dictate pricing and this changes almost daily, depending on the access to raw materials. Meaning they may NOT give you a deal for a quantity order, because they simply don’t need to. Unless they are an illicit factory and need to move stock.

Whilst China is a major source of counterfeited products, their legitimate private and State owned factory’s produce high-quality, globally-certified, trusted-brand products, we have done our home work and identified these factories for you. In that context, Halliday Finch introduces the Halliday Finch Authentication Certificate offering Tiers of assurance (HFACT).

If you have already placed an order IN CHINA and you are concerned in any way, we will carry out a free basic check as to its authenticity. We just need the specs of the products ordered, the factory or sellers details, purchase cost and quantity ordered.

If you have not placed and order but wish to do so request the order/price list contact

Every Halliday Finch PPE order will be certified to HFACT1, namely:

  1. Products have been ethically and directly sourced from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  2. Products bear verified international and/or Chinese Government issued certifications
  3. Products are true to description and fit for the purpose as indicated
  4. Products will be invoiced true to quantity.

List of articles relating to fraudulent PPE Sales

Irish man arrested as part of €15m global PPE scam

Feds investigate coronavirus scam over deal for 39 million face masks

This Website Has Been Scamming People Desperate For Coronavirus Masks

FBI warns fraudsters are taking advantage of coronavirus fears

Criminals across Europe are exploiting shortages of masks, respirators, and other essential medical equipment for illicit profit as countries scramble to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

California Union Claiming To Have Found 39 Million N95 Masks Duped In Elaborate PPE Scam

A Health Care Workers Union Said It Found 39 Million Masks. Federal Prosecutors Say It Nearly Fell For A Scam.

Some time ago the FDA loosened its restrictions on some PPE, but to import certain types of masks both the masks and the Chinese company must meet NIOSHA requirements. About 9 out of 10 of the certifications were been faked.