Halliday Finch’s efforts to combat counterfeiting praised by the Anti Counterfeit Agency (ACA)

Halliday Finch’s efforts to combat counterfeiting

As time passed, the ship’s anchors broke and the vessel went aground.
The crew, now extremely weak and ill, were forced to empty the ship’s holds of water over 3 continuous days with almost no sleep, food or water.

Halliday Finch was delighted to be recognized by the Anti Counterfeit Agency for our consistency and cooperation in handling cases of IPR infringement earlier this month. Below is an address of thanks by our esteemed chairman Mr. Julius Ndegwa EBS MBS

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Chairlady of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) Ms Flora Mutahi, for this wonderful award in recognition of the support my team have given to the fight against counterfeiting in Kenya.

However, my Halliday Finch investigators fully recognize the real heroes of this endless fight are Kenya’s law enforcement agencies, herein represented by Director Halaka of the Anti-Counterfeiting Agency – the ACA.

Without their tireless work, sense of mission and national pride, we would be powerless to protect this country from the counterfeiters; who only benefit their own personal economy and not that of Kenya.

Every counterfeited item that is sold in our country steals revenue from legitimate manufacturers, which takes away national taxation revenue and over time, as these Kenyan businesses start to fail, will take away Kenyan jobs. Kenya and Kenyans will suffer economically if the counterfeiters succeed.

Of more importance is the lives of our children and in my case, my grandchildren. Counterfeited pharmaceutical products are killing Kenyans every day. It is not only our national duty, it is our duty as parents to protect our children against profiteers and pirates.

With the investment of the brand holders, the blessing of the President of Kenya, the dedication of law enforcement and the will of the Kenyan people it is possible to combat this disease that is spreading across our continent.

With these few words, I wish to thank again the KAM, the ACA and my team of investigators across the Continent and offer them all my prayers for their future success.

Halliday Finch Africa.