Media and Production Support Teams – An Exciting few months

The Halliday Finch team was proud to provide security to the production teams of two very exciting projects in Kenya.

In June they provided security to the VR project team filming the Bill Gates “I’m 8” VR project in Kibera – this was a 360-degree video featuring several eight year old’s, their families, and what they tend to eat on a daily basis. This is part of Gates’s mission to promote school lunches as a way of not only improving the nourishment kids get, but also the knock on effects.

For more information on this fantastic cause and to watch the video created by the production team Halliday Finch provided security to, please follow this link:

Halliday Finch also provided security to the team filming Nike and National Geographic’s Breaking 2 video, the documentary that takes viewers inside the 2-hour marathon pursuit and was aired on 20th September 2017. Director Martin Desmond Roe and his crew documented the three runners selected for the two-hour marathon project—Kipchoge of Kenya, Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia, and Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea.

Halliday Finch has provided security services to hundreds of such projects supporting international Media and Film/TV crews to date. Our teams have taken crews to Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan (Dafur), Ethiopia, DRC, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic and Nigeria.

To find out more about Halliday Finch’s security operations: