Providing hope in Kyiv and Odessa


The Halliday Finch team are currently working in Kyiv and Odessa, Ukraine.

We have been there for a number of weeks now. Our approach to supporting the people of Kyiv and Odessa is twofold, assisting people to leave while ensuring resources make it to the people who remain – aid in and people out. Our vehicles are never empty.

As Russians advance on the cities, evacuations of women and children have been constant, although these have slowed radically since yesterday.  Items in supermarkets and pharmacies are rationed and queues continue to build on the streets.  We deliver fuel, diapers, vegetables and dry goods.

The roads are empty except for those vehicles carrying supplies around the city and evacuees and moving south.

Halliday Finch is proud to serve those in need.

For more information

  • If you are in Ukraine and need assistance, or have friends/relatives in the Ukraine that you are in contact with that may need help accessing supplies, or requiring assistance with evacuation.
  • If you would like more information on the work we are doing and how you can help.