We are delighted to announce that Halliday Finch is now extending its services to cover North Africa and the Middle East

Over the last 15 years we have been operating across the African continent offering trusted security advice and brand protection services to hundreds of clients.

In the last year our clients have driven Halliday Finch to expand our professional footprint . This is due in part to the growing realisation that something can be done against the counterfeiters. Increasingly, organisations are becoming aware of the damage caused to their brand by counterfeiting and the enormous financial losses they can incur. They are also aware that these costs can be lessened if they work with organisations like ours and have seen the huge strides that can be made in tackling the trade in Africa.

Brand holders are finding the Middle East to be an increasing challenge, sales are going down, but brand awareness is going up. Counterfeiting is filling that gap.

Places such as the UAE – specifically Dubai – have become a massive point of entry for the re-export of counterfeit goods. UAE seaports handle over 20 million containers a year and their state-of-the-art transport and free-zone infrastructure make it an attractive route for counterfeit shipments.

It is in this context that we are very proud to expand our services to assist our clients in combatting this illicit and destructive trade in these new regions.  We will take “lessons learnt” from challenging markets in Africa and apply them to the Middle East.

As part of this growth, we are delighted to welcome Wasim Daboul to Halliday Finch. An expert with significant experience working with Law Enforcement Agencies in the UAE.

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Sam Mattock