Welcome to Halliday Finch

One of the world’s leading brand protection firm with offices throughout Africa and the Middle East. They have a proven track record of over 3000 brand protection investigative actions a year. Their clients are global companies eager to protect their incredibly valuable brand equity.

The Halliday Finch team are perfect blend of qualified and extremely experienced brand protection investigators and security experts with superb relationships across the world. Most are ex law enforcement officers or military personnel.

Halliday Finch operates in full compliance with the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) 2010 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 1977.


To bring leadership, strength and judgement to secure people and protect brands.


In higher-than-acceptable risk environments, bring professional relationships and discipline to the:

  • Protection of brands by detection, investigation, and enforcement on violators;
  • Securing of people using risk-based planning, journey management, situational awareness and in-country experience;
  • Investigation of commercial fraud through forensic analysis, evidence assembly and resolution support.

Values: Our rules of engagement

  • Professional Relationships – we communicate accurately and concisely with our people, our Clients, our suppliers, and our law enforcement liaisons
  • Mutual Benefit – we find sustainable win-win solutions with all stakeholders
  • Courage & Loyalty – we value the right decision being made, enacted at the right time, whilst remaining true to our Values
  • Professional Discipline – we will always seek and share the knowledge and skills that enable us to execute our duties to the highest of standard
  • Honour & Integrity – we will be true to our Values and to our word, in all matters
  • Leadership – in honouring our Vision, our Mission and our Values, and pursuing with courage our own goals and those of our stakeholders, we lead from the front
  • Responsiveness – we apply situational awareness, skill and experience and react rapidly and professionally to meet the needs of our stakeholders