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Halliday Finch have offices in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Their clients are global corporations, humanitarian organisations, and the United Nations, all of which are eager to protect their incredibly valuable people, brands and services. Wherever Halliday Finch operate in the world, they do so in full compliance with the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) 2010 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 1977

Our services

Armoured Vehicles

Halliday Finch have been selling armoured vehicles to multiple government and non-government agencies, all over the world. However, to meet a very specific client requirement, Halliday Finch expanded their operations and opened their own armouring plant, in Chisinau, Moldova.

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Armoured vehicles

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

The demand for counterfeited goods grows by the day and with the stretched limitations of law enforcement agencies, it is destined to outgrow legitimate sales in certain sectors in the very near future.

The key to Halliday Finch’s success is their relationship with these Law Enforcement Agencies – they add technical capacity to their investigations, ensuring they make their job of enforcing counterfeit laws as efficient as possible.

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Special projects & operations

Close Protection – If you are in need of close protection whilst traveling, Halliday Finch provide vetted, discreet and highly trained Close Protection Officers to reduce your risks and create peace of mind for those using the service. All tasks are planned in detail, monitored by our 24/7 Operations Centre and have a achieved a 96.3% customer satisfaction rating in 2019.

Commercial Investigations – Halliday Finch investigation team, made up of senior international and local ex police officers, work hand in hand with State Law Enforcement Agencies within the countries they operate.

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 Special projects & operations

Supply Chain Forensics and Solutions

Supply Chain Forensics and Solutions

Whether you manage a business in one country or multiple, you will know your supply chain is “mission critical” to the survival of your business: from production to delivery – logistics technology has taken over.

The logistics element has been outsourced, creating a myriad of third-party relationships, each with their own systems and ways of conducting business, paradoxically creating greater exposure to a multitude of unseen risks to your operation out of your control.

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Why Choose Halliday Finch

Global Expertise
in Protection Services

Benefit from the extensive experience and global reach of one of the world’s leading protection firms. Gain access to a network of offices across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East for comprehensive coverage.


Proven Track Record
in Effective Work

Trust a company with a demonstrated history of successful projects and achievements. Rely on Halliday Finch’s track record in delivering outstanding results in various aspects of their work.

Global Operation

Trusted Partner
for Prominent Clients

Join a prestigious clientele of global companies, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, and the United Nations. Work with a company that prioritizes protecting valuable people, brands, and services for high-profile clients.

Qualified and
Experienced Team

Collaborate with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Benefit from their expertise and knowledge in the field of protection and security services.

Strong Global

Leverage the superb relationships Halliday Finch has cultivated worldwide. Tap into their extensive network and connections for enhanced support and opportunities.


Compliance with
International Regulations

Ensure peace of mind by partnering with a company that operates in full compliance with the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) 2010 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 1977.

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