Special projects & operations

Close Protection

Close ProtectionIf you are in need of close protection whilst travelling, Halliday Finch provide vetted, discreet and highly trained Close Protection Officers to reduce your risks and create peace of mind for those using the service. All tasks are planned in detail, monitored by our 24/7 Operations Centre.

Journey management is a major factor when reducing risks. This service is designed to increase the security profile, minimise the risks and most importantly maximise the clients’s productivity.

Halliday Finch only use trained drivers, fit for purpose vehicles and planned risk reducing routes. The deep local knowledge ensures all operations are conducted ethically, sensitively and effectively.

Commercial Investigations

Halliday Finch investigation team, made up of senior international and local ex police officers, work hand in hand with State Law Enforcement Agencies within the countries they operate. Adding decades of investigative experience and capacity to conduct forensic audits and technical investigations.

Classical Security Services

Risk Management and AssessmentOperating in remote and hostile territories, Halliday Finch understand the various political and security risks businesses encounter in developing regions.  We provide clients with an all-encompassing range of risk management services, risk assessments, security planning, community outreach and engagement, strategic communications and management of local national security contractors.

Close ProtectionFull-spectrum Close Protection Personnel Security Details (PSD) consist of veteran management and highly experienced international and security teams capable of operating in any environment, safely escorting clients without incident or loss. 

Mobile Security.  We provide Armoured vehicles, skilled drivers, experienced security personnel, secure mobile communications, unique tracked vehicles and all movement is covered by our detailed and well-rehearsed Mobile Security SOP’s.

Static Security.  Qualified, fully trained security officers will physically protect designated facilities from criminal, insurgent, or terrorist attacks, at customer sites, regardless of the threat. 

Training.  Halliday Finch provide training services in the following areas: 

  • Security  (PSD, Close Protection, Facility and Infrastructure Protection)
  • Specialist Training
  • Hostile Environment Awareness
  • Law Enforcement
  • K-9 Operations (Explosive Detection, Narcotics Detection, Patrol and Attack)
  • Intelligence Analysis and Threat Assessments
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services

Life Support Services

Halliday Finch offer secure turn-key solutions in Camp Management, Power and Water supply, and Maintenance. Life Support and Facility Operations and Maintenance Services include:

  • Camp Construction and Management
  • Catering
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Secure Communications Support
  • Power Solutions
  • Fuel, Oil, and Lubricants Supply
  • Water Management
  • Eco friendly Waste Removal
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