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Halliday Finch World MapThe demand for counterfeited goods grows by the day and with law enforcements limitations, it is destined to outgrow legitimate sales in certain sectors in the very near future.

The key to Halliday Finch’s success is their relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies – they add technical capacity to their investigations, ensuring they make their job of enforcing counterfeit laws as simple and efficient as possible.

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Special Projects & OperationsReduce Risk

Halliday Finch is a highly experienced Risk Management company with expertise in delivering bespoke commercial investigations and security solutions.

Operating across Africa, the Middle East and the Russian Federation their clients share one thing, they have the upmost belief in their ability to deliver Results.

The Key To Halliday Finch’s success is their local knowledge, unequalled connections and their superb track record of deployments over the past 20 years.

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