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With nearly two decades of experience in risk analysis, risk mitigation and close protection, Halliday Finch has incredibly detailed knowledge on the realities of safety and security management.

We recognise that each country is politically and culturally distinct and our highly-qualified team tailor packages to meet your requirements, in these disparate and sometimes high-risk environments. 

Halliday Finch World MapThe demand for counterfeited goods grows by the day and with law enforcements limitations, it is destined to outgrow legitimate sales in certain sectors in the very near future.

The key to Halliday Finch’s success is their relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies – they add technical capacity to their investigations, ensuring they make their job of enforcing counterfeit laws as simple and efficient as possible.

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Close Protection OfficersReduce Risk

Halliday Finch is a highly experienced Risk Management company with expertise in delivering bespoke commercial investigations and security solutions.

Close Protection

If you are in need of close protection whilst traveling, Halliday Finch provide vetted, discreet and highly trained Close Protection Officers to reduce your risks and create peace of mind for those using the service.

All tasks are planned in detail, monitored by our 24/7 Operations Centre and have a achieved a 96.3% customer satisfaction rating in 2019.

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Supply chain fraudLeading corporate investigations for 15 years in over 40 countries: we have built impressive professional expertise in supply chain investigations, notably in logistics forensics and solutions. 

Whether you manage a business in one country or multiple, you know that your supply chain is “mission critical” to the survival of your business: from production to delivery – technology has taken over.

Logistics elements have been outsourced, creating a myriad of third-party relationships, each with their own systems and ways of conducting business, paradoxically creating greater exposure to a multitude of unseen risks to your operation and out of your control.

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Halliday Finch’s Brand Protection methodology is market intelligence and evidence led.

Our specialist investigators, trained Brand Protection Officers as well as certified product experts work hand in hand with the law enforcement agencies to acquire actionable intelligence, identify counterfeit goods, carry out legally sanctioned seizures and follow up with prosecution in a court of law.


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