Brand Protection

At home with brand protection

Operating since 2003 they have a wealth of market, investigative and legal experience.

Brand Protection. Map of the world.Counterfeit products have infiltrated the worlds’ markets; a result of highly brand conscious, yet low incomes. The demand grows by the day and with little effective law enforcement deterrents, it is destined to outgrow legitimate sales in certain sectors in the very near future.

The key to the Halliday Finch success is their relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies – we add technical capacity to their investigations, ensuring we make their job to enforce the law as simple as possible.

“we’ll protect your brand as if it were our own”

– Sam Mattock, CEO Halliday Finch


Halliday Finch takes pride in offering a very clear return on investment for their clients. Measured by the cost of an enforcement against the seizure value, they aim to achieve a minimum return of six times your investment. In most cases they far exceed this.

Halliday Finch provides:

  • A deep understanding of counterfeited and illicit trade across the globe
  • An internationally qualified team of brand protection and IP specialist investigators with unique country knowledge
  • In-house core competencies such as investigation leadership, IPR country specific legal-council, multi-industry sector knowledge and specialised surveillance operatives
  • Strong global partnerships with internationally accredited Agencies such as the ICEE, IACC, UNODC and WCO
  • Solid relationships with the National Justice Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies in all of our countries of operation

Operational Flow

From suspicion to prosecution, we manage the investigation for you.

Operational Methodology

Our specialist investigators, trained Brand Protection Officers as well as certified product experts work hand in hand with the LEA’s and acquire actionable intelligence, identify counterfeited goods, carry out legally sanctioned seizures and follow up with a prosecution in a court of law.

Brand Protection Process.

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