Halliday Finch design and implement training packages to fulfil the personal client’s needs in the field.
We have high demand for the following courses:

Fragile environment training: To increase employee preparedness and resilience whilst operating in fragile environments through delivering civilian based security orientated training programmes.

Cultural Awareness: This unique course explores the nuances of cultures on the continent in order to give our clients the edge when doing business.

Advanced Communication & Human Interaction skills: This course explores techniques that can be used to build a solid rapport and gain buy-in from the people you meet in the course of business.

De-confliction & De-escalation: Halliday Finch explore how to deal with complex situations when they arise.

Port Watch training: The training of Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) in strategic shipping ports across Africa.

Each course is tailored to the client. There is no ‘one size fits all’ on these courses, they are interactive for a reason, the content grows daily.

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