Accounting Leadership in Brand Protection

Halliday Finch has recently partnered with Pacific Accounting and Business Services (PABS) to Bring Accounting Excellence and Leadership to their daily operations. PABS a subsidiary of Pacific Global Solutions, is a global premier accounting service provider. Accounting to underpin business growth and efficiency…

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Meet the new team member driving our operations in the Middle East

Halliday Finch is delighted to welcome a new Regional Manager of North Africa and the Middle East, Daboul, to our ever-expanding team. We asked Daboul some questions about how things are progressing and the biggest challenges facing the region. Q:…

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We are delighted to announce that Halliday Finch is now extending its services to cover North Africa and the Middle East

Over the last 15 years we have been operating across the African continent offering trusted security advice and brand protection services to hundreds of clients. In the last year our clients have driven Halliday Finch to expand our professional footprint…

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