Brand Protection Nigeria

Brand Protection Nigeria

Brand protection in Nigeria can be challenging as highlighted in a recent case study. Nigeria is by far the most complex country on the continent and Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, the most complex city. Lagos has the sixth largest economy in Africa and as such has a constant buzz that if replicated across Africa would transform nations for the better.

This inexhaustible energy creates a loud, vibrant and sometimes violent working environment. Keeping pace with the changing security situation in Nigeria takes a unique and determined individual.

Brand Protection Nigeria

Spotting potential and nurturing and growing the skills of our team underpins the success of Halliday Finch. A prime example of which is Ernest Murunga, a Brand Protection Manager working in Nigeria.

Ernest joined Halliday Finch 9 years ago and his rise through the ranks has been swift.  Ernest came to Halliday Finch having spent eight years’ in the Kenyan Defence Force. He has a silver medal in Tae Kwon Do from the International Military Sports Council (CISM) Games. So, discipline is in his blood.

He joined the Halliday Finch team as part of our 24/7 Operations Control Room and within two years had been promoted to the role of Ops Room Manager, leading a team of four.

Halliday Finch saw the potential in Ernest and offered him the role of a Brand Protection Investigator in the field. He excelled in the training and enjoyed the work in Kenya.  However, Ernest would not spend long in his beloved Kenya, he was soon posted to the Halliday Finch ‘Jewel in the Crown’ – Nigeria.

The harsh working conditions of Nigeria can never be underestimated – it is totally different to anywhere else on the planet, but he has used that to his advantage during his daily routine to get the job done.

He managed to weave his way between the formal and informal sector masterfully and with the full support of his Quality Assurance team, has produced success after success.

We praise you Ernest and thank you for being there for us and we are always here for you.