Polygraph Testing – new offering

Polygraph Testing - new offering

Halliday Finch is excited to announce it now offers polygraph tests in selected markets and jurisdictions. We combine a wealth of experience with a regulated operating framework and strict code of ethics. We provide a range of ‘lie detector’ services tailored to the situation and we will always maintain full confidentiality.

Conducting polygraph tests is a subtle art and success depends on how questions are structured, the order they are presented and the understanding of the results. This only comes with experience. Our team leader is one of the continent’s leading polygraphers with many years of experience in this field.

We use the very best equipment, guaranteed to deliver the most accurate results and work with clients across multiple sectors, including the below:

  • Banking Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Recruitment processes
  • Insurance claims

For more information on our polygraph services please contact Polygraph@hallidayfinch.africa.